A Day at Chankanaab Park – Cozumel

Wondering what to do on your cruise stop in Cozumel?  You may want to check out Chankanaab Park!

Are you the planner in your vacation group that somehow has to make everyone, with varying interests, happy? That’s me, too! How on earth will I ever find a single place that would thrill our adventure seeking son and his friend, risk-adverse daughter, my husband and his 70 year old parents. No problem, right?

Cozumel is one of the most established cruise ports in the caribbean so there are many options to choose from.  You can even go and learn how to make guacamole and margaritas!  But what would be best for our diverse group of travelers? We decided to give Chankanaab Park a try!

The Old Bait & Switch in Montego Bay, Jamaica

I had heard mixed reviews about Jamaica. I had heard that it’s beautiful. That it’s dangerous. That people are everywhere trying to get you to buy drugs. And, I’d heard that the beaches are amazing! But, what really happened during our port stop in Montego Bay? Today, I will share with you our experience and The Bait & Switch in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

My 5 “Mom Rules” for our kids while cruising

Do you cruise with kids or teens?  Here are my  5 “mom rules” for kids while cruising.

If you’ve spent any time on my About page, you know that I am a worrier.  I can’t help it.  It’s just how I’m wired.  So, when we started cruising fairly regularly and taking our kids with us…I laid out what I referred to as my non-negotiables.  Here are my  5 “mom rules” for kids while cruising.